Senior Pastor

Church Vision: We are followers of Jesus Christ who will use our spiritual gifts to create invitational and caring ministries, while providing inspirational worship that motivates and energizes us to share God's love.

The Senior Pastor shall have a college degree. Seminary training and/or meeting ordination standards of the ABCUSA and ABC-IN/KY would be beneficial and encouraged. 
The Senior Pastor is expected to preach with a Biblical focus, share leadership of worship with laity and plan home visits with the congregation. 
The Senior Pastor shall also be a leader who motivates men and women to strive for higher levels of spirituality and service.
The Senior pastor shall have academic training and successful experience in personal and family counseling.
The Senior Pastor shall be a capable administrator, coordinating plans and programs with the Leadership Team. This shall be done working on a team basis with the other Leadership Team members, with the understanding that the coordinating responsibility for the total church program rests with the Senior Pastor. 
The Senior Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all Ministry areas.
The Senior Pastor should coordinate attendance at meetings with other Church Leaders.

Duties of the Senior Pastor shall include:
 - Providing spiritual leadership for the church; preaching the full Gospel of Christ and making application of Scripture to life
 - Providing pastoral care to the bereaved and others in need of comfort and counseling, as well as celebrations of joy such as weddings and baby dedications
 - Encouraging evangelistic programs and initiatives: leading in visitation to the sick, shut-in, bereaved, and those new to the church
 - Determining the theme of worship services and leading in administration of ordinances
 - Coordinating plans and programs for the total church with the other ministers, staff members, and the Leadership Teams
 to assure a purposeful, cohesive program for the church

 - Leading the church in our continuing commitment to local and overseas missions
 - Leading in planning stewardship programs
 - Participating and leading in Baptist, ecumenical, and community affairs as seem appropriate
These external activities should be balanced with the needs of the church and the Leadership Team should be advised of new commitments to external organizations.

Any interested candidates may contact the church office for further information. 

Church Phone Number - (812) 425-8296

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