who we are

   We are members of the American Baptist Churches of Kentucky/Indiana. We are followers of Jesus Christ, who will use our spiritual gifts to create invitational and caring ministries, while providing inspirational worship that motivates and energizes us to share God’s love. 

  • We profess Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord and rejoice in our personal relationship to God through him. We worship the living God with joy, excitement, and expectation. 
  • We affirm the worth of each person, acknowledging and embracing the individual differences of conviction, theology, and race that often divide people. 
  • We are committed to reach new people and to develop Christ-centered lives with the Bible as our guide. 
  • We are called to be a presence for Christ in the community by caring for the needy through involvement in educational, social, and health ministries. 
  • We are to be a witness of God's love throughout the world by providing prayer and financial support to worldwide mission projects.