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What to wear

Some people wear suits and dresses.  Some come in casual slacks, jeans or even shorts.  We will welcome you no matter what you wear.  

Where do I park

There is a parking lot next to the church on the corner of Third and Cherry.  Feel free to park in any available spot.

There is a covered awning to drop off on Fourth Street.  This is also the handicapped drop off.  There is handicapped parking on the street on Sunday morning by the handicapped entrance.  

There is an elevator at this entrance.  

What about children

Children and young people are welcome in our worship service.  There are children's baskets available on the front pew for children to take to their seats.  

How long does the service last

The service lasts about an hour.

If I arrive before 10:45

There is a Gaines Commons Area located outside the sanctuary where you invited to meet people and have refreshments.  We usually have donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal and other food depending on the Sunday.

I still have questions

Call the church office

812 425 - 8296

M - Th       8 - 2

Leave a message if we are out of the office.